Thursday, January 26, 2017

Judaism, Zionism, Hypocrisy and Trump's Main Advisors.

I made remarks that some would find offensive. Apparently a Facebook algorithm did:

Call me a self hating Jew or even an antisemite. A religion, its ideas and practices can be criticized. In this case it should be criticized.

Ivanka Trump wanted to marry Jared Kushner, a purportedly observant Orthodox Jew, and a billionaire heir of a real estate mogul and felon. Kushner and his family wouldn't have it unless Ivanka converted to Judaism. Her conversion experience was not ordinary. Orthodox Judaism accepts converts but doesn't really seek them. Normally the vetting and ongoing scrutiny are intense. Not so for Ivanka. And so, some longhairs in Israel aren't too warm towards Jared and Ivanka.
Ivanka and Jared prayed at the gravesite of Lubavicher Grand Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. Ordinarily Jews don't pray to monuments and bones, they pray to God, but it does look like Schneerson long dead bones came through with the requested blessing. Schneerson broke with Haredi tradition and theology by embracing Zionism and bringing his followers with him. As a cadaver Schneerson is at the center of a fanatical cult that awaits his resurrection as The Messiah.

Now, much of the above was not in my censored Facebook post. The following was:

Jared and Ivanka got or purchased an excusal from observation of the Sabbath. This is highly unusual, as observing the Sabbath and "making it holy" is supposedly a central pillar of Judaism. Rabbis aren't priests, and Judaism is not Catholicism. Rabbis have no authority to excuse the defilement of the Sabbath. Observant Jews are permitted to omit Sabbath observances only in order to save a life and for that they don't need the permission of anyone.

In my opinion Orthodox Talmudic Pharisaic Judaism is largely about finding ways to evade and get around religious commandments. Go into NYU Hospital and you'll find a "Sabbath elevator." This is an elevator that allows observant Jews to ride it on the Sabbath, although rabbis prohibit the pressing of an elevator button on the Sabbath. Several New York buildings are so blessed.

Colin Powell made spending money as a "Shabbos Goy." He'd enter a Jewish household where he was expected and he'd find a few dollars left out on a table for him. His task was to do things like turn on or off a light switch or open a refrigerator door for the Jewish residents without being asked directly to do so. (To ask him directly to open a refrigerator door would be a sin. To say "I wish I could have a cold glass of juice" would be permissible.

I find all this to be hypocritical and very unflattering, as is Judaism's adoption of the State of Israel as its main idol. Its no mystery to me that most Jews are no longer observant and in increasing numbers are turning away from Zionism.

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