Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dear Democratic Party Leaders. Try To Be Humble

Dear Democratic Party:

You really messed up and you'd do well to think about the disaster you have wrought. People who depend on Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare and Social Security are about to get seriously hurt. Quite a few are going to die.

It's ridiculous to blame Russia for the Democrats' defeat.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton did not campaign in Wisconsin?

Do you remember that she promised to put coal miners out of work?

Do you remember when she called working class people "basement dwellers"?

People say that Podesta's email password was "password."

FBI Director Comey pulled off a coup d'etat when he revived unsubstantiated criminal seeming accusations against Clinton. At the same time he was keeping quiet about the Trump/Russia document. Well, I have a question for Democrats: Did Vladimir Putin force you to put a Republican in charge of our secret police?

Barack Obama came in on a real landslide in 2008. For a brief window of opportunity he had 2/3 of the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives. He had a real mandate for change but what Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi did was compromise with the then powerless Republicans! Demoralized Democrats stayed home while vengeance seeking white racists turned out in 2010 to cement their Republican counterrevolution. They swept governorships and state legislatures and began redistricting. Now it will take a virtual revolution to push them out of power in Congress, even though more people vote for Democrats than vote for Republicans.

No, Russia didn't put Trump in though they favored him. YOU put Trump in

You were so near, yet so far. You blew it big time.

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